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Soak is opening as an anchor amenity in Mission Bay, San Francisco's most exciting new neighborhood.


Today, 4,000 people live in Mission Bay, 700 more condo units are being built, and companies like Gap, Dropbox, UCSF Children's Hospital, Giants Stadium, LYFT, Nectar, and dozens more have their office headquarters here. In the center of all this activity are 4 acres of privately owned public space where SOAK has been invited to open our business with a full endorsement from the community. We have partnered with ParkLab, which has provided us written approval from the city to build SOAK at this site. Who do we serve? New condo residents, nearby tech professionals, Mission Bay locals, and the thousands in the Bay Area who fit our demographic.






Growth projections

Our customer is highly concentrated in San Francisco but can also be found in creative class cities worldwide. As SOAK expands this model, we will be pursuing other local neighborhoods and global cities - like Los Angeles and London - with similar population and market traits. Partnering with Arup gives us the ability to scale efficiently. Once we design our containers for a set of site conditions we can pinpoint other locations with the same criteria around the world with simple GIS mapping.


Capital Needs


As part of our Go-To-Market strategy, SOAK will partner with select companies in our neighborhood for competitively priced corporate memberships. We will begin pre-sales for these partners and early bird individual passes to secure $1.2M in revenue as purchase orders.

We know the market is there. Our competition? The Kabuki has an average of 115 people per day at their baths while the Archimedes Banya has 120 people on average use their services daily. 

SOAK has a new offering: a competitive price point, a convenient location, and a clear mission.


SOAK Inc. is a Delaware corporation leasing brand and IP rights to SoakHouse, LLC, royalty-free. Our Investors in SoakHouse LLC. can expect a 2x preferred return on initial capital and profit shares from 20% of our net earnings. Every investor is also given VIP access to invitation-only events, prioirty access to the bathhouse during regular business hours, and 10% of all apparel.


Host up to 4 friends each visit. 

Take a private tour of SOAK with our founder and our architect. SOAK in the pools and enjoy lunch in our courtyard with select members of our team, all before we open to the public. You will also have exclusive access to sunrise soaks and a lifetime membership to SOAK. 

In addition to joining us for an exclusive lunch pre-launch, you will get a dedicated locker at SOAK along with a lifetime membership and the chance to host a private event for up to 75 people.

With all of the above perks, we invite you to join the SOAK Board to help us steer forward as we identify new market opportunities and expand our model.