The Romans knew baths. The Japanese know their onsens. The Scandinavians, the Turks, and the Russians all value a good hot sweat. All over the world, we seek out water + heat + people.

SOAK is today's urban bathhouse.


It all started with scotch. Founder, Nell Waters, was drinking scotch for the first time with an old friend when the idea for shaking up the wellness industry first emerged. Everywhere in San Francisco artisan was taking over and the city was entering a new kind of self-expression.

Inspired by Sutro Baths, the ancient Roman baths, Japanese bathing culture, and Finnish rituals, SOAK brings modernity to the ancient practice of soaking through four ideas manifest in one vision: agile design, sustainability, real connection, and health. 

Our agile innovation is rooted in water technology: purified gray water and low-flow fixtures. Even the heat required to make our water hot is derived from solar tubing. Much of what we’re designing is a demonstration of possibility in the future, with each city’s SOAK doing it a bit differently. 

Here, you may run into five people, you may talk to one, you might meet your next partner, find your next deal, or none of these things. Anything is possible. We invite friends and travelers, locals, and those who are curious to join us for an exceptional experience at SOAK. 

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Collaborators and Creative Partners


In Mission Bay, ParkLab is building community, programming public park space, and bringing together small business interests with the needs of locals. SOAK is proud to be part of their bigger picture planning. Visit them online to find out more about what's coming, or head over to 4th Street and Mission Bay Boulevard South for a real-time look at what's growing. 

The venerable team at Campsyte brings flexibility to all types of urban spaces and provides office space at below-market-costs to creative professionals. Some call it cargotecture, but most will recognize it as a beautiful retrofit of shipping containers designed for people to work together on the fly. Think creative off-sites, rental space for therapists, and pop-up art shows.


Unplug. SOAK. Thrive.