1. Membership at SOAK includes access to all of our facilities onsite. It does not extend to the Campsyte office-lounge unless specifically stated. 

  2. Account holders of the special discount passes to SOAK for $750 are entitled to a one-time year long membership to SOAK that is effective from the the first day of SOAK's grand opening and is valid for 365 days. Special discount holders of the $750 pass may request a full refund of no more than $750 by December 31, 2016 if for any reason on the part of Soak House SF 1 LLC, or the recipient whose name is on this invoice, that pass holder has NOT taken advantage of SOAK's services or been a guest at SOAK in any way. 

  3. Pass Holders who purchased the special discount passes at $750 will be allowed to bring (2) guests per month to SOAK as part of their club membership.

  4. Guidelines for best practice and usage at SOAK are outlined below. As a guest or a member you are expected to be kind to fellow SOAKists. You are expected to have grace. SOAK is a co-ed space that welcomes everyone over the age of 18 and we require bathing suits. Before accessing our pools, you are expected to wash off the outside world. If you need to keep your hairstyle looking good, we've got bathing caps for you. And hey, bathing caps are cool. 

  5. The spirit of SOAK is formed and upheld by our visitors, our founding members, and our guests. Each and every one of you contributes to the 'vibe'. Respect that.